Cappelli RCCD provides legal assistance in intellectual and industrial property matters, unfair competition, consumer protection and advertising law, Information Technology, privacy and data protection. The assistance is provided, both at judicial and extra-judicial level, to Italian and International clients active in various sectors, including, by way of example, fashion, luxury, life science, software programs and artificial intelligence systems, arts, food and beverage, publishing.

The professionals of the Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Privacy team stand out for their extensive and cross-disciplinary knowledge in the areas of expertise and advise clients with a practical and business-oriented approach.

The assistance provided in the Intellectual Property and Information Technology fields includes, among other, the management and protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, such as filing and prosecution activities, the drafting and negotiation of documents and agreements of different nature concerning Intellectual Property (such as, agreements relating to the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual and industrial property rights, co-branding agreements, publishing agreements, sponsorship agreements, agreements for artistic collaborations with testimonials) and Information Technology, including outsourcing agreements and software development agreements.

Further, the team carries out clearance activities on advertising campaigns, including influencer marketing campaigns, and assists clients in awards contests; the professionals of the team deal also with several matters concerning consumer protection law, other than providing assistance in administrative proceedings before the competent authorities, including self-regulatory bodies.

With reference to Privacy, the team assists clients in carrying out privacy compliance processes pursuant to Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR) and provides ordinary and extra-ordinary assistance with reference to privacy and data protection, in cooperation also with other professionals when necessary.

The Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Privacy team works in synergy with other professionals of the Firm, providing also assistance in corporate and M&A transactions.


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