Cappelli RCCD advises a wide range of domestic and international clients, including asset managers, governments, public bodies, institutional investors, construction firms, contractors, real estate owners and operators. The Firm offers multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary and global advice, providing global coverage for any type of real estate investment and drawing on specific expertise based on the composition of the property portfolio and its destination including, in particular, residential property ventures and social housing, offices, industrial facilities, logistics centers, retail, hotel chains, resorts, stadiums and sports centers, and infrastructure.

The Firm’s Real Estate team stands out for its extensive knowledge of the property market and of its potential, developed by its professionals through decades of experience in close contact with leading industry players, and for an innovative vision, which anticipates market trends. The team advises both on transactions allocating equity in the market and on financed operations, including through structures collateralised by real estate, or by issuing bonds or alternative capital markets funding instruments. The Firm also advises on the management of distressed businesses and corporate insolvencies, on the applicable legal framework and on the development and restructuring of distressed real estate assets.

The Firm has recognised leadership in securitisation and structured finance allows the Real Estate Team to play a major role in the development of market practice in real estate securitisation.

The Real Estate team offers advice at every stage of the transactions: from structuring, providing its clients with the most suitable legal instruments to define their development strategy in the real estate sector (including by means of real estate investment funds or SICAFs), up to completion and long-term profitability. The team aims to always provide an excellent and business-oriented service, also promoting the analysis of recent developments and regulatory changes in the real estate market at institutional level.

The professionals in the Real Estate team have multidisciplinary skill-sets, enabling them to assist Italian and foreign clients both in the more recurrent contractual structures (such as acquisition contracts, development agreements for the acquisition, realisation and income generation of the relevant portfolios, turn-key construction contracts, large leases, business leases and management contracts) as well as in sophisticated real estate transactions and related developments. The Firm also assists in obtaining the relevant building permits (including the definition of urban planning instruments such as programme agreements, implementation plans and planning agreements) and the related authorisations, with specific expertise in urban and environmental matters.

The Real Estate team also assists public and private entities in project financing in the infrastructure sector and in the execution of renewable energy projects (wind farms, photovoltaic plants, biogas and biomass plants, cogeneration and hydroelectric power plants).


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