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Chiara Bazzarini


Chiara mainly deals with civil, banking and commercial litigation. She started working at Studio Legale CappelliRCCD in 2020 by carrying out a curricular internship, after having carried out a first curricular internship at a law firm in Brescia, Italy.

Chiara graduated in 2020 in Law, with full marks, from the Bocconi University, Milan.

Between 2015 and 2020 she gained study and work experiences abroad, as well as courses in International English law first in Edinburgh (Scotland) and then in Melbourne (Australia).

  • Degree in in Law (MA) (110/110) – Bocconi University, 2020

Registeredas a trainee whit the Ordini Avvocati Milan, 2021
2020Studio Legale Cappelli RCCD, Milan
2020Stage curriculare: Studio Legale, Brescia
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