The Firm’s overall focus, naturally led its Litigation team to develop considerable wide-ranging experience in handling disputes related to financial markets law, banking law, insolvency law and company law, including both domestic and cross-border matters connected with the most complex disputes, of the highest monetary value. The team has gained particular experience in disputes regarding financial derivatives.

The experience developed by the Firm’s Litigation team is particularly relevant to situations presenting a multiplicity of potential issues – of a civil, regulatory and often also criminal nature – where proper analysis demands comprehensive knowledge of the financial dynamics underlying a dispute.

The Litigation team is able to provide comprehensive advice, from broad strategy to the conduct of proceedings, with a particular focus on those activities that precede and follow litigation, as well as potential settlements. Legal strategy is kept under constant review as events develop, in order to identify how the client’s interests may best be served.

The considerable expertise in court proceedings and procedures is combined with the Firm’s knowledge of financial, banking, commercial and corporate matters, both within the Litigation team and among members of the other teams with whom they cooperate. This ensures that clients receive an all-encompassing service, from the onset of civil proceedings to the imposition of administrative penalties, and where appropriate the Firm is able to draw up and coordinate with external experts in matters of criminal law.

The Litigation team advises leading firms from domestic and international financial markets but is well-positioned to serve clients from any business sector that needs highly expert advice.

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