In keeping with the Firm’s history and areas of practice, the professionals in the Litigation team have developed over the years specific and varied experience in managing disputes related to financial markets and banking laws and regulations, both domestically and cross-border, particularly in relation to more complex and high value disputes.

The expertise developed by the Firm’s Litigation team revolves around situations presenting multiple potentially problematic fronts (civil, regulatory or criminal) in contexts requiring in-depth knowledge of the economic and financial dynamics underlying the dispute.

The Litigation team offers comprehensive assistance which – alongside the strategic and procedural management of the dispute – focuses on the activities that lead up to and follow from litigation, as well as on potential settlements, always aiming to identify the best strategy in the clients’ interests.

Considerable expertise in judicial proceedings therefore matches and complements the Firm’s experience in the areas of financial, banking, commercial and company law, both within the Litigation team itself and across the other practice areas. Clients receive comprehensive advice on civil proceedings or on those before regulatory authorities, including, where necessary, coordination with the criminal law experts partnering with the Firm.

The Litigation team typically advises leading participants in domestic and international financial markets, while offering its services to clients from any business sector requiring highly qualified assistance.


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