Cappelli RCCD celebrates its first 15 years of excellence and announces a change in name to Cappelli, Riolo, Calderaro, Crisostomo, Del Din & Partners – Studio Legale.
Founded in 2009 by Silvio Riolo, Paolo Calderaro, Michele Crisostomo, and a team of just 12 more lawyers, this has been a boutique law firm from the very beginning. Its combination of expertise and passion have resulted in the Firm winning clients’ favour, which has delivered consistent growth.
That was boosted in 2017 when Alberto Del Din joined, and then again in 2020 with the arrival of Roberto Cappelli. Over the decade and a half, the Firm has taken on many lawyers who have wanted to share in its journey.
Together, these individuals have contributed to making the Firm the force it is today, with 100 lawyers, of whom 27 are partners. Numbers were never the priority, however, so much as the original idea – to be a boutique law firm, where the quality of the work counts.
In 2024, Cappelli RCCD celebrates its 15th anniversary and at such a point, it is impossible not to think of the future, to the pages as yet unwritten. Today, that story has a new title: Cappelli, Riolo, Calderaro, Crisostomo, Del Din & Partners.
The Firm’s new identity is the culmination of a journey that began in 2020 when Roberto Cappelli and his team first joined. It reflects a desire to give the same prominence to all of the founding partners, drawing inspiration from the traditions of law firms in the UK and US, where the use of partners’ names effectively implies an assumption of responsibility towards all those who come into contact with the Firm.
The rebranding has carried over some of the existing visual elements. The logo in the shape of a red block that has since 2009 featured on all of the Firm’s materials is still present, and now bears the Firm’s acronym, CRCCD.