We are an independent Italian and international law firm, advising in the various areas of the law that apply to banking, finance and enterprise.
We have a presence in Milan, Rome and London and the ability to rely on continuous, professional and rewarding relationships with other independent firms in practically every corner of the globe.
We believe that our work should always be tailored to the client’s needs. Indeed, we consider ourselves a boutique firm offering legal advice to enterprise.
The ongoing dialogue we have established with leading companies and institutions provides us with a decisive position resting on the expertise and experience of all our teams, guided by the vision of the five lawyers who give the Firm its name: Cappelli, Riolo, Calderaro, Crisostomo and Del Din.


From the founder partners to the most junior lawyers, we cultivate an approach to professionalism that means not just skill and experience, but also attention to the personal worth of each individual and to the quality of relationships.

We resist all forms of competition within the Firm, as our commitment to clients requires us to work together.

We provide every client with the team that best matches their needs, irrespective of who won the client’s mandate.